Who We Are

Mestaria was born of the belief that art connects us, that it enriches life in a way nothing else can. With this conviction at our core, we exist to enable creative connections in the Middle East. For those we work alongside, Mestaria is a strategic partner. Commercially savvy and culturally astute, we are committed to helping artists, brands and creative enterprise in the Middle East achieve long-term goals, while supporting a select number of international clients wishing to access the region.

Our team believes in the power of art to inform and transform, and we run educational programmes that empower future generations to find a creative voice. Our exhibition and events series provides a platform for artists we admire to be seen and heard. Mestaria is firmly rooted in the idea of unrestricted access to art – inclusivity informs everything we do.

There’s no one-size fits-all approach at Mestaria. We create collaborative, objective-led partnerships and initiatives that make a difference. Our founding partners bring with them a wealth of experience in fine art, cultural retail, creative enterprise, marketing and events. Together, we work to achieve creative freedom in the Middle East and beyond.

What We Do

Artist Representation

The idea of ‘partnership’ is central to the 360 degree artist representation Mestaria offers. For us, representing the artist’s best interests means enabling them the freedom to focus on creativity – this is at the core of everything we do.

Each of our collaborative artist relationships is unique. It’s our job to flex with the needs of the individual artist, ensuring they don’t have to compromise. Our aim? To unlock creative and commercial potential, empowering the artist to marry passion with long-term profession.

How do we do this? Well, there’s no one answer. Our Artist Engagement Team’s expertise range from patronage and sponsorship to copyright law and financial management. Everything we do is about removing the obstacles that block the free-flow of creativity – whatever the artist needs to achieve this, we look after. Together, we work to support artists in maintaining sustainable creative freedom in its truest sense.

Art Enterprise

With an in-depth understanding of the relationship between culture and commerce, Mestaria’s Enterprise Team acts as a strategic partner committed to enabling brands that wish to initiate creative collaborations in the Middle East. Our role is to create a bridge between enterprise and the creative world, brokering relationships capable of delivering tangible economic impact.

We offer our experience in retail strategy, commercial management and creative project management to a select number of brands and businesses that share our vision. Marrying creativity and commerce authentically is a delicate process, and one that we take very seriously. Every project we deliver is designed to positively impact both the world in which the client operates, and the wider cultural landscape – we are uncompromising in this, and our clients are too.

Art Events

Mestaria’s Events Team stages exhibitions, events, talks and tours, shining light on creative innovation in the region. We believe in the power and possibility of the Middle East as one of our most important emerging hubs for arts and culture, and bringing this to the national and international stage is what we’re about.

Our events are inspiring, unforgettable experiences. Some are immersive, some beautiful, some a little uncomfortable. All are about opening up the free-flow of creative freedom both for the artists involved and the audience itself.

We partner with venues, institutions and sponsors to run events with our stable of the best established and emerging artists, and collaborate with creatives, speakers and notable brands to bring the very best national and international artistic output to centre-stage.

Art Education

Our team believes in the power of art to inform and transform, and we run educational programmes that empower future generations to find a creative voice.

Working collaboratively with schools, universities, educational bodies and the artists we represent, our educational platforms are designed to equip those considering a long-term career in the creative industries, however young, with the tools to do so.

Our programmes are run at some of the Middle East’s most prominent arts venues, as well as in tandem with our rich series of exhibitions and events. Inspiration is key here, and our mission is to nurture creative possibility in children, teenagers and young adults. We know how creativity has impacted our own lives, and the lives of the artists we represent – helping young people in the Middle East share in that experience is our responsibility, and we gladly accept it.

We are always here to engage and help in any way we can. Just click through on the right to mail us, or write direct to hello@mestaria.com